Diamond info, my thoughts…

I suggest go get an idea on what you really love and see if they can offer to email you a detailed picture of the ring they have. Say you want to show your boyfriend. They will probably either have the pic online already or send you a pic. then fwd it to me, Also check out different cuts and shapes, sizes colors etc.  Make sure the stone is GIA certified, if it is not GIA and it has other grading then you will get shown better graded stones.  However the truth is that is.. they are not really as good because the GIA is the best lab in the world. They are the school that gives the degree in diamonds that all the other labs go to to learn diamond grading. The employees of those other labs listen to their boss and does what they say in the sense that they are all “For Profit” companies… The GIA is a school and is a “Not for Profit” company, so their opinion is not biased or swayed by money. The certificate from GIA is worth more money on the diamond you would be getting. Looking at it backwards, lets say you want to upgrade/ trade your diamond or sell it for what ever reason. You will get much more for it if it has the GIA papers, Not EGL, or IGI or HRD or any other lab or AGS.. they all are to confuse you and make you think you are getting something better and cheaper.  Also the florescence is a major point in making a yellow diamond look white and a white diamond cheaper in price, as it is not a great thing to have a strongly fluorescent stone, in other words in a night club with purple lights your stone will GLOW … I know it’s a lot to swallow all at once…. But I would rather see someone buy a beautiful diamond that is smaller than a big, cracked up yellowish or grey stone…. go to the GIA website for some good assistance. I know it’s in a search engine out there,

I will always be here to assist.

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